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Cleaning chemicals are an essential part of any household or business. Your customers' health. Your staff's wellbeing. Your business' future. All are on the line. Leave nothing to chance by using these commercial cleaning chemicals. Whether you need sanitisers for your kitchen surfaces, floor cleaners and laundry detergents for your guestrooms, bleach and air fresheners for your washrooms, or household cleaning products for general cleaning, you’ll find a solution to do the job in this range of professional cleaning products. All these cleaning chemicals are supplied by industry-leading brands such as Jantex, Winterhalter, Diversey and Ecover too - so you're guaranteed to find the best cleaning products here. With coloured spray bottles and wipes on offer, these cleaning products can even be paired with our huge range of cleaning equipment to help you unlock the benefits of colour-coded cleaning.

Xenia aims to cover all ranges and budgets to support those just starting out looking for budget products all the way through to professional excellence in products for seasons professionals looking to maximise their highend quality offerings.

Xenia's team has carefully selected a range of products. The brands offered in this Cleaning Chemicals category are: Ecover, Greenspeed, Method, Polar

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Polar Air Purifier DF655

Polar Air Purifier DF655

Polar Air PurifierSuitable For Rooms Up To 60m²Cleaning & Hygiene>Cleaning Chemicals..

£155.29 Ex Tax: £129.41

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