Safety & Signs

Keep yourself and your staff safe with our essential range of safety equipment, including safety signs, first aid kits, anti-fatigue matting and guidance posters providing clear instructions for good hygiene, safety and first aid. Keep your premises safe and prepared in case of fire with a smoke detector as well as multipurpose fire extinguishers and quick release fire blankets.

There is also an extensive range of burns treatment sachets and sprays, ice packs, plasters, dressings and eyewash solutions available to provide immediate treatment for workplace accidents. We also stock a range of PPE (personal protective equipment) including goggles, gloves and lab coats to help protect your staff from hazards in the workplace.

Xenia aims to cover all ranges and budgets to support those just starting out looking for budget products all the way through to professional excellence in products for seasons professionals looking to maximise their highend quality offerings.

Xenia's team has carefully selected a range of products. The brands offered in this Safety and Signs category are: Bolero, Cleenol, Coba, EcoTech, Jantex, Vogue

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