Washroom Products

Keep your facilities spotlessly clean and invite positive reviews from your guests with this selection of washroom hygiene products, including centre feed blue roll and paper hand towels, bulk toilet rolls, antibacterial soap and hand dryers. Jantex blue rolls are ideal for mopping up spills as well as cleaning appliances and equipment, whether in a kitchen or washrooom area. Here you'll also find a choice of powerful washroom chemicals to blast away germs, and keep your facilities cleaner for longer.

Keeping hands clean and eliminating germs is essential in food preparation areas, so ensure hygiene requirements are met in the kitchen and bathrooms with a choice of soaps, dispensers and hand towels. Here you'll also find toilet brushes, baby changing units, sanitary disposal bins and air fresheners helping you to maintain a fresh, clean environment ensuring that your customers leave with a positive impression of your venue.

Keeping you bathroom toilets clean and germ free takes just three simple steps.

Xenia aims to cover all ranges and budgets to support those just starting out looking for budget products all the way through to professional excellence in products for seasons professionals looking to maximise their highend quality offerings.

Xenia's team has carefully selected a range of products. The brands offered in this Washroom Products category are: Dyson, Jantex, Regina, Tork

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