Cash Handling

If you handle cash on a regular basis, you know that the process of taking, checking, counting and storing money can be time-consuming and laborious. It’s also easy to make costly mistakes, especially when cashing up in a hurry at the end of a long working day. To help, our vast selection of cash handling products are designed to speed up your cash handling processes, whilst also making them more accurate and more secure. From front-of-house cash registers to superbly accurate bank note counters, this section includes everything you need to take the stress and strain out of cash handling.

Xenia aims to cover all ranges and budgets to support those just starting out looking for budget products all the way through to professional excellence in products for seasons professionals looking to maximise their highend quality offerings.

Xenia's team has carefully selected a range of products. The brands offered in this Cash Handling category are: Arcoroc, Casio, Fiesta, Phoenix, Sam4s, Sharp, Tellermate, Zzap

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